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Eric Jia-Sobota

About Eric Jia-Sobota

Eric Jia-Sobota is the National Leader of EverGlade’s Consulting Practice and the Founder of the Company. Eric’s consulting experience spans almost two decades across a breadth of industries, including, Federal Contracting, Life Sciences, Nonprofit, Technology, Construction, Healthcare, and others. 

Eric is a renowned expert in government contracting and has regularly served as an expert on matters involving the Cost Accounting Standards. His experience includes cost allowability and allocability, indirect rate restructuring, contract termination claims, and commercial contracting issues. 

Mr. Jia-Sobota also has extensive experience helping life sciences and nonprofit organizations obtain R&D funding. He has worked closely with HHS, and specifically BARDA to help facilitate a multitude of pandemic responses. 

Prior to founding EverGlade, Eric led a National Consulting practice at an International Accounting and Consulting firm, growing that group to over 130 individuals in only a few years. In addition, he held several key leadership roles. He also held leadership roles at several other firms. 

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About EverGlade Consulting

EverGlade Consulting is a national consulting firm that helps clients navigate the federal landscape.

EverGlade is inspired by technology-driven companies whose focus is to secure non-dilutive funding through the federal government. 

EverGlade offers services ranging from proposal support through the implementation of systems to comply with federal regulations at agencies including BARDA, the DOD, HHS, NIAID, and DTRA.

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